The pain was stifling

The sorrow unbearable

Food had lost its flavor

Laughter its meaning

No more reason for living

Hope had been extinguished

Bright light had been swallowed by all-consuming darkness

Life had been extinguished by death

The Master was no more.


He saved me from my demons.

I washed his feet with my tears

He washed my soul with His love

My alabaster box I broke

He broke my box of shame

I could sing

And my soul was no longer lame

But all that is gone

My friend is now more


Three days later to the tomb I went

And empty it I met.

His body stolen?!

My gut wrenched in pain

In confusion I wandered yet again

Till He met me and saved me yet again.

The darkness has turned to eternal light

Jesus called the Christ is no longer in the grave.


Dark to light! He is risen!!


Happy Easter!


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