Work on yourselfIn the next 6 weeks, 2014 will be history. 2015 will be staring at you in the face. I think this is a good time as any for inner-contemplations to begin. Please permit me to ask you: What have you done with this year? What was the initial plan? What went wrong? What went right? And crucially: what do you need to improve?

It is commonly said that the largest room in the world is the room for improvement. No matter your state or condition, no matter your level of experience, you can most certainly become a better person. Your output and productivity can most certainly improve.

We undoubtedly live in an age of information explosion. If you can read, have a computer, and a decent internet connection, there is almost nothing you can not teach yourself. For instance, I built and maintain this website all by myself (with all the great and wonderful tools freely available in the WordPress community). After several costly (but fruitless) attempts to get a decent vendor to build me a website, I challenged myself to see if I could get it done. And after 6 weeks scouring online and reading freely available resources, came online and has been so for over 3 years. You can learn whatsoever you need to learn.

Desire to attend Havard or MIT but can’t afford it? There are very numerous free Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs) you can take to improve yourself from these prestigious institutions and many more.  Visit or to learn more.

2015 can a greater and better year for you. Upgrade yourself: Improve!

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