Reinvent YourselfLabeling is a reality of the world we live in.  In order to make sense of the myriad of things and issues we are confronted with everyday,  consciously or unconsciously, we label them. This labeling has its benefits. We know that memory recall is much better when new information is associated (i.e. labelled) with what we already know.

It is no surprise then that we also label people. Daily people seek to label us: student, worker, boy, girl, handsome, ugly, brilliant, dull, innovative, middle class; …the labels are endless. Whilst this labels may be descriptive of your current circumstance, they may not be definitive. They may not be reflecting the person you were created to be. The definitive label of a product is given by the maker of that product. #InspireMonday: Reinvent Yourself !

A man in 1 Chronicles 4: 9- 11 was labelled “Sorrow” by none other than his very own mother. Though honorable and hardworking, everyday of Jabez’s  life was haunted by the spectre of “sorrow maker”. He carried this until he decided to “reinvent himself” . He realized that his mother may have bourne him for 9 months and endured a most difficult labor to bring him into the world BUT she was not his “Creator”! Jabez cried to the creator of the universe and he was reinvented. The label was annulled.

I don’t know the labels you carry. Buy you can reinvent yourself. Refuse to be boxed in. Refuse to carry a label you were not designed to have. Chose to reinvent yourself! Cry to the creator. Become all you were meant to be.

Have a most fruitful week!

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