#InspireMonday with Dr Gbenga Adebayo

Happy Monday!

It is Holy Week. I wrote the following piece in 2003 and also had it in my book, “The Blessings of Pain” (2004). I hope it blesses you:

it was a drop; just a drop of water.

all alone on the ocean of the table.

alone with none of it’s kind around.

alone in an environment not kind nor sensitive to it’s needs.

suddenly, it happened.

no that’s wrong!

it wasn’t sudden, but gradual.

it started to dry up.

now i looked at it and it was full, proud and shining

and the next moments, alas it was no more.

i started to mourn for the poor drop of water.

the drop that was, but was no more.

but suddenly (this time it was suddenly)

i realized my folly

it all was a false appearance.

the drop of water that was and was no more

still is!

it’s disappearance was a false appearance!

soon enough,

thunder bellowed

clouds gathered

and suddenly

(yes suddenly)

the drop that was and was no more had returned with his friends!


He will return


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Have a great week ahead!